At dōTERRA’s Australian Convention last month I heard a heart concept talked about. It was one that already sat within me but I needed to hear it out loud. Hear it and absorb it.

The heart concept that we are already enough.

We live in a society that pushes us to strive for more, compare ourselves to others and look outside ourselves for recognition and gratification.

How about believing that we are already enough?

That when you start your journey with anything new- essential oils, a different way of eating, a study course….you have what you need already. You are enough where you are.

I just love that concept. For me it means that when someone joins our tribe they have as much value at the start of their journey, as people who have been using essential oils for years. Sure they may not feel they have enough knowledge and will probably need support in the early months, which is perfectly natural and to be expected. But how about our people knowing that they have the power to find things out, whether through research, study or intuition? They are empowered to use the oils fully & completely from the very start.

It’s simply a move away from the concept that we constantly need to strive & to learn and that we never quite “arrive”. Instead of feeling inadequate how about knowing that you have already arrived. You are empowered because you have everything you need within you at the start of the journey. As women we have a hard time with this concept. We think we need to be to be more & guilt or the need to please drives us forward as do the expectations we take on ourselves.

My dream for Oiltribe is that we all understand that we are modern day medicine women. What that looks like for me is different to the way it will look like for you. Your journey is as valuable as mine and mine is as valuable as the person next to me. We are enough, whether we are just starting out or have been on the road for years.

We are already enough x

If you want to join our tribe and be empowered to maintain or regain wellness here’s the link, click on “Join & Save”