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Do you feel like there’s more to life than what you have right now?

I felt that too.

I had a thriving design business where my biggest worry was how to manage all the projects that I was invited to take on. My business was totally debt free and lucrative. I paid myself well and we had everything we wanted. But I was anxious and very stressed.

My epiphany came after losing my mother to cancer (which incidentally was 11 months after losing my Dad to cancer). I asked myself “Is this IT?” Is this what the rest of my working life would look like? Stress and worry and overwork? The thought of this being it was too much to bear. I wanted more.

More time with my husband.

More time to spend with the children so I can go on school trips and be present for them before and after school.

More freedom in my day which meant more choice about how I spend my time.

More money to travel and buy our slice of country paradise.

And above all more MEANING to my work life.

So I decided to change career and pursue and build a business with dōTERRA. It’s been incredible. We are a thriving team in New Zealand with team members in New Zealand, Australia, the USA and Europe.

This is not a “get rich quick scheme”, it’s a viable, ethical and effective way to share your love for essential oils and provide for you and your family. Like all good things in life it takes hard work and commitment. It’s also completely fulfilling. What this looks like to you, is up to you. For some people it’s paying for their oils, for others it’s supplementary income alongside other commitments, and for some it’s a full time career. YOU choose, how freeing is that?

If you are someone who:

:: loves dōTERRA essential oils and sees the value that these natural tools offer your community

:: wants more, more time more financial independence, more freedom

:: is prepared to work hard and consistently

:: wants to do business in an ethical way, and sees that there is so much good we can do in the world we live in

Then Oiltribe may the space for you to grow a dōTERRA business.

Message me for more info

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