My favourite job in the house is doing the clothes and linen washing. I know, I have tried to change, but I can’t.

I love to sort it, wash it, hang it out and then put it all away. It feeds some strange part of my soul. ALL other housework I can take or leave with the emphasis on leave, but washing. Oh washing, how I love thee. Not ironing mind you, just washing.

I am after doing the washing as naturally and easily as is possible. One of the first things we did when moving to a more holistic and natural lifestyle was to swop all the regular cleaning products in the house for eco or natural ones. The chemicals in regular washing powder and fabric softener can irritate the skin and if you or a loved one is suffering from eczema, then moving to a natural washing powder is the first thing to try. There are conflicting views on fabric softener, even the natural ones and whether they are good for you or not. So we only use natural washing powder and don’t use any fabric softener. There are so many options now for natural, non-toxic washing powder and they are available in the supermarket which makes buying them easy.

I then use essential oils for the sweet smell and purifying/ sanitising qualities.

washing hacks 01

Washing purifier

There is nothing better than sweet smelling washing. And if it’s naturally purified at the same time, so much better. I keep a bottle of Purify (Cleansing Blend) with my washing powder and drop in 2 drops on top of the powder when setting the machine. The washing smells incredible afterwards and the Purify blend keeps the machine clean then freshens and purifies the washing.

washing hacks 02

Natural sanitiser

When I need some extra sanitising qualities with the washing I pull out my On Guard (Protective Blend). This comes in handy when you need to sanitise the heck out of your washing. Like that time you were called by the school to fetch your daughter who had vomited all over herself and her desk. And when you arrived to fetch her, she was in other clothing and a sealed shopping bag of her school clothes was gingerly handed to you. That time.

In cases like this, drop a few drops of On Guard inside the washing machine on top of the clothes and the bugs won’t stand a chance. In the case of epic tummy bugs and vomiting I admit I wash the bedding and clothing twice. Just in case some kind of super bug managed to survive the hot wash AND On Guard. You never know. On Guarding everything in sight in this instance is also a good idea.

washing hacks 03

Tumble drying freshness

I was gifted some wool dryer balls last week and have used them constantly since then. They are amazing for reducing the drying time of the wet clothes! I drop a single drop of Lemon oil onto each ball and let it soak in. The dry washing smells lemony and so fresh. Love it.

These are all super easy to do. Keep the Purify by the washing machine and the Lemon with the dryer balls as if you are like me, you will forget to bring the oils along, load it all up and lose the motivation to go and get the oils to add them. Easy to use = usage!