There is so much disinformation floating around about essential oils. The old saying “haters gonna hate” comes to mind and while I really don’t mind people having different views (imagine if we all liked the same flavour of ice cream?) when it’s simply untrue, I do have an issue.

I did an experiment with dōTERRA’s Lemon essential oil.

dōTERRA’s Lemon essential oil is pure. There are no fillers, additives or chemicals in it. It is safe enough to use topically (diluted), aromatically and as a food additive. It is photosensitive however so if you use it topically stay out of the sun for 12 hours after applying.

I did the experiment on a low pressure laminate surface. Without boring you, a low pressure laminate surface is a LOT less durable than a high pressure laminate surface. And kitchens have high pressure laminate surface tops. So if this Lemon oil was going to corrode a surface it would be my son’s desktop which is a low pressure laminate.

I dropped 4 drops onto the worktop and left them there for an hour. I then wiped off the oil with a simple paper towel and found the surface of the desk unchanged. ZERO corrosion. I chose a white surface as this would show any mark or change to the surface. There was nothing.


Why was there nothing? Because the essential oil is gentle and pure. If you use dōTERRA’s essential oils at the correct dilution ratios (the information is all on dōTERRA’s website and freely available), you simply won’t have an issue. As for using essential oils internally we comply with the TGA’s recommendations for dōTERRA’s essential oils as a food additive.

Lastly, when doing your research on essential oils, make sure you have all the facts. If there is something out there that does not show brand or purity , dig a little bit deeper.


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