One of the things that comes up from time to time is the cost of dōTERRA essential oils, but the cost is actually a lot lower than you think…(yay!)

Essential oils are about pro-active healthcare. There are times when oils are being used for a chronic health condition but most people are turning to essential oils because they want to live a more natural and well life.  The cost of proactive healthcare is hard for some people to quantify- after all the family is actually well or at least kind-of well. Justifying an initial cost can be difficult for a few of you.

The cost of reactive healthcare is much easier to justify. Sitting in a specialist’s office talking about a serious diagnosis has a way of making the important things in life very clear. Money takes it proper place as a servant and I promise you, there is NOTHING you will not spend to gain more time with a loved one. The cost is virtually irrelevant.

But how about not actually having to spend time in that specialist’s office? That’s where pro-active healthcare comes in. And looking at the whole cost issue from that angle- puts pro-active healthcare as a priority in the household budget. I know first hand the agony of losing loved ones well before their time. So we go without in other areas to spend what we need to on essential oils, supplements and super foods. We don’t have the latest gadgets and don’t eat out much. Our lives are relatively simple but they are filled with nutrient-dense food and natural health.

Let’s look at the cost of essential oils….

Each bottle is 15ml with 250 drops in the bottle. A dose is one or two drops so going with two drops, you have 125 doses in one 15ml bottle. My mantra is that if you use more than that, you are wasting your essential oils.

Here is only one example (there are so many!) of the most commonly used oil compared to standard medications:

Take Peppermint. It is used for headaches and fevers. Paracetamol is the conventional medicine we use for both of these issues.

There is a children’s brand of paracetamol for $22 (200ml). If the dose you use is a teaspoon for either a headache or fever you would using 5ml at a time. So you would get 40 doses from your bottle costing 55 cents per dose. A bottle of Peppermint costs AUD24.50 and has 125 doses. Each dose costs 22 cents so roughly half of what the paracetamol costs per dose. PLUS the Peppermint does not put a strain on a child’s liver, has zero side effects and works at the root of the issue.

Let’s go even cheaper. On the above example I am assuming you are putting two drops of Peppermint in the palm of your hands, adding a bit of carrier oil and using on the bottom of the feet or up the spine. If you put 7 to 10 drops of Peppermint oil in a 10ml roller ball (like this) fill the rest up with a carrier oil, then you have a ready-made headache or fever option for on the go. I use these roller balls ALL the time and they are incredibly effective and the cost is super low.

Cost: $2.20 of essential oil + $2 of carrier oil + the roller ball at $1.50 = $5.70. This is PERFECT for a headache and would last you for ages. Where else could you get headache medication for this price? You cannot even buy a box of budget brand paracetamol tablets for this cost.

Let’s talk about the cost of dōTERRA essential oils. I see people on Instagram and Facebook talking about how you can get cheaper oils from 1. the supermarket 2. the health food store 3. the markets. The answer to all of these is yes you can. My encouragement is to LOOK at what is on the bottle.

All of these without question will tell you that the oil cannot be ingested. Some even tell you not to put the oils on your skin. If you are buying oils for therapeutic use that tell you not to use them on the skin…..the mind boggles. But back to the oils that say you can’t ingest them, but you can use them on your skin.

You skin is the largest organ in your body. Whatever you put on your skin will be absorbed. At that point it is inside your body- being absorbed into your bloodstream. It is being ingested! It may not pass your mouth but this is in many cases worse as at least your stomach acids and digestive tract will try to protect you from the toxins to some degree. Your skin just absorbs whatever is out on it- there is no barrier!

So my point is that if you put something on your skin- it is being ingested. This is why we need to watch out for the sun screens, cosmetics, body lotions, shampoos and soaps that we lather on our skin. So either use essential oils that you CAN ingest or don’t use any on your skin. Which defeats the purpose of essential oils somewhat.

If cost is an issue for people, and for some it really is, then start small. Start with an account and one or two oils. The oils that are fundamental building blocks for a natural medicine cabinet are Lemon, Peppermint and Lavender. These are incredible multi-use powerhouses and the oils I use the most. If immunity is your thing, get an account and a bottle of On-Guard. This all keeps the overall cost down and you get to build up slowly as budget allows.

For most people though it’s matter of understanding the importance of pro-active healthcare. How much better to maintain wellness and never have to face the trauma of a chronic condition. Or overcome and support an existing condition and regain wellness!

I intend to live long and healthy and see my grandchildren grow up. My parents never had that chance and I see the loss for my children. Don’t you want the same? A life that is whole and free and healthy?

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