If you ask me how to get started with essential oils I am going to tell you make a beeline for the Top 10. Why? They will serve all your needs and provide a rock solid foundation for the start of your oil journey. They are a mighty grouping of essential oils which combined are like a swiss army knife.

They are found in a small bottle kit (The 5ml Family Essential collection) or a big bottle kit (The 15ml Home Essential kit). No-one regrets getting these little ninjas!

Once you have your Top 10, the next question is “where to from here?” There are masses of oils and it can be a little overwhelming at the start. While you are finding your feet and figuring out what oils would be best for you and your family, there are some multi-use oils which would make sense as part of your oil collection. Hopefully you are also part of an epic oil community that is providing education and support, like Oiltribe of course!

So what oils would be the most useful in your oil kit after the Top 10? Here are 7 that I think are important to have in your oil collection:


The Top 10 oils don’t have a specific emotional support blend. Balance is the Grounding Blend and is calming and centering. It’s the foundational emotional support oil and the first oil I recommend if someone wants to start using oils for emotional health.

Wild Orange

This is the gorgeous companion to Balance. Wild Orange is uplifting and raises the spirits. It’s also calming and as the Oil of Abundance is a happy, cheerful oil. And it’s great for sleep alongside Lavender and Frankincense from the Top 10 oils.


Basil is a very versatile essential oil! It provides support for ear issues that often plague young children. It’s the Oil of Renewal and is excellent in boosting adrenal health that is key for stress management. Basil is also very calming and helps children manage emotional outbursts.


Clove is for all things teeth. It has amazing antioxidant properties but the fact that it helps with teeth and gum health and tooth pain is enough for it to have a place in your oil collection!


This is a woman’s sanity saver. From pre-puberty all the way to menopause, this little gem of a roller assists in hormone balance and regulation. It’s a blend of oils that supports a woman’s body and calms. Yes, calms you down when the hormones are raging….you will feel more centered and less likely to commit a crime.


This earthy yummy oil is amazing for sleep. I have yet to meet a family where every single person sleeps well. We all need Vetiver and when combined with Wild Orange and Lavender & Frankincense from the Top 10, you have a sleep blend that is almost guaranteed to work! Vetiver is also very good for calming both adults and children.


Lucky last is Copaiba! Copaiba is included because it has properties which assist in pain management, particularly nerve pain. Combine with Ice Blue (Deep Blue) from the Top 10 and you have a very effective topical pain support. Copaiba is also very calming.

There you have it! Once you have these 7 oils along with your Top 10, you have 17 multi-use essential oils. This will give you a good foundation to deal with almost anything. Having these 17 oils gives the time and space to work out where to next. You can do this as you use the oils, alongside a resource (we recommend a good book) and from within the safety of a supportive community.


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