essential oil after sun spray 01

The warm weather is finally here and Summer has begun. It’s still a bit patchy, like today where it’s windy and rainy, but we are officially in the season of warmth and sunshine.

After a day in the sun there is nothing better than an after sun lotion. I love getting in the shower and removing the sand, sea and salt then slathering myself with a sweet smelling after sun lotion. In the past I used tons of these from the pharmacy with all sorts of promises to moisturise the skin and rehydrate it. Nowadays I want the things I put on my skin to be natural and truly healing so I have started making my own. This is a super easy spray that I made up and started using on us and the kids this summer.

We all love it! It cools and moisturises the skin without being sticky and it’s all 100% amazing natural healing skin power! Combine aloe vera gel and Vitamin E oil with the regenerative properties of dōTerra’s essential oils and you can’t go wrong…

I filled a 473 ml or 16 ounce bottle and combined the following:

1 cup of aloe vera gel (natural)

1/4 cup of dōTerra Fractionated Coconut oil

1 Tsp of Vitamin E oil

20 drops of dōTerra Lavender oil

8 drops of dōTerra Helichrysum oil

Combine in the bottle and give a good shake. This amount should last you at least until the end of the Summer holidays!

Lavender essential oil is amazing for the skin- it soothes and calms. Helichrysum is an amazing regenerative oil and perfect for skin that has spent a day in the sun, wind and sea water.

I am looking forward to sharing how we do Sumner this year with you! There will be more Summer Magic posts up soon x