You are really excited that your oils have arrived- your oily journey has begun! Now, what on earth do you do with all these little bottles and how do you store them? Sure you can easily use a plastic food container but there have to be options out there that mean the bottles aren’t constantly falling over every single time you move, right?

Or maybe your oil collection has grown and you are wondering how to contain the spread? You have oils in several different spots all over the house and you really need some way of organising the oily chaos…

Help is at hand! I am an Oil Addict and a Neat Freak. NOTHING makes me happier than having a place for stuff. I have been using dōTERRA’s essential oils for 3 years  now and I have tracked down some pretty good storage options to share with you. Remember though wherever you store your oils, make sure they are away from a heat source and out of direct sunlight.

Here’s what I have used in the order I got them **please note the photos are AS IS. I thought it would be best to show them exactly as we use them, not prettied up for a photo**….

dōTERRA’s own wooden box.

This wooden box is a perfect way to keep your oil collection safe in the early days. This little wooden box holds 24x 15ml bottles and will keep you going for some time. In the beginning I had two of these boxes and I loved them. You can remove the lids if you like to give you easier access to the oils. Or not, up to you.

Cost: USD12.00 and can only be ordered via the US for New Zealanders and Australians.

Quality: Fabulous, it’s supplied by dōTERRA after all!

Large Carry-case

This was the second item I bought to store my oils in. I bought it long before I decided to do the business as I wanted something secure and safe to carry my oils around in. If you have an oil collection and work out the cost-  a safe carry  bag makes TOTAL sense.

This bag has a stiff top and bottom and is fabric lined with foam inserts. It holds 66x 15ml or 5ml bottles and also has a row of 13 smaller holes along the front for storing roller balls. It zips up and has a shoulder strap. You can get different size cases like this but I like that this holds all the oils dōTERRA offer.

Hint: Each foam hole has a round foam cylinder that you pull out to allow you to use the hole. Cut the foam cylinder in thirds and pop 1/3  into the holes you want the 5ml bottles to go in- this will raise the 5ml bottles to the same height at the larger 15ml bottles. OCD much? Oh yes.

Cost: AUD64.95 excluding shipping. You can get the cases here

Quality: Really good, mine is till going strong after 2 1/2 years of solid use.

Open wooden tray with foam insert

I use my oils a lot downstairs and in the kitchen. I bake with them and this is the place where I apply morning oils to the kiddies. I was getting frustrated with losing oils and having them in random places all over the kitchen…so I got myself a box. This little wooden tray has room for 36 oil bottles or roller balls. It’s small enough to tuck into a corner and I love it.

Cost: US19.95 excluding shipping from the US here, you will pay the same for shipping as the cost of the box (although this was worth it for me). This an option from the Aussie site, although is out of stock currently, I would remove the sliding top.

Quality: Great!

Bedside carry tray


I am constantly on the look out for ways to contain my oils. I always tell newbies to keep their oils in the place where they will use them- well, we use them in different places around the home so I need innovative ways to hold them.  I keep my eye out and sometimes I see something that is not designed for oils but would be perfect for them! This little wooden try is small enough to fit on my bedside table and holds a couple of rollers, pills, Serenity sleep gels, an oil bottle and lip balm. I love it!

I got it from one of those member discount sites here and the make is Umbra- love their stuff, beautifully made with a Scandi-style. If you want to become a member of the site you need to be invited, let me know I can invite you. This is one of the better websites out there and as of today (18 June 2017) there is  larger version of my little tray for sale *tempted*

Cost: NZD40ish (can’t remember exactly)

Quality: Fabulous

Hand made timber stands

These little timber dressing stands and oil holders are amazing. Wild Oils have a collection of Australian artisans who make wooden dressing sets, boxes, bowls and more, and the quality is amazing. Honestly the finish is like silk. We are starting to get items like this locally but the quality is not as good as yet. When I attended dōTERRA’s convention in March I got a couple of these and got a few more in Perth this month. They have all kinds and we now have 6 different little stands from them. I love the ones that hold oils and then have either a little dressing bowl or space for Fractionated coconut oil (or toothpaste!)

I can’t recommend these enough!!

Cost: AUD15 to AUD35 for the ones I have

Quality: Unbelievable!

dōTERRA Limited edition Carry cases

Every so often dōTERRA bring out some kind of box or carry case. Both the triple layer wooden box and the polka dot case were limited edition cases. If something like this comes out, move heaven and earth to get one (or two). The quality is wonderful and they are specifically made for dōTERRA oilers. Keep a look out around Christmas especially. I use the box to stock my spares…

And the polka dot case for the office.

Cost: Varies, generally available via dōTERRA’s US warehouse

Quality: Really good, because….it’s dōTERRA.

On-the-go Roller case and Cosmetic Bag

Using oils at home is one thing but I want to use them when I am on the go and out the house. This means roller balls for me as they easy to use, already diluted and mess-free. I have a roller ball case and then a roller ball or two in my cosmetic bag. The roller ball case was a limited edition case that I was gifted but keep an eye out for similar ones. Etsy has some great handmade roller ball cases.

Make it up & Temporary Carry case.

In a pinch there is nothing like using a small box. When we are sick, like we have been with a cold, I wanted all the oils I was using in one portable “thing”. I needed the oils to follow the sick child around the house and be small and light and easy to move. I did not need a fancy-pants option as this was temporary. Another time you would use something like this is away camping as this box is pretty stable on a tent floor- first hand experience with this!

This box comes straight of the Petal Diffuser box which has one of these top and bottom. So easy, so simple and cheap!

Ok lovelies, hope that gives you some ideas! I am sure there are many more options out there, these are the ones I found and used with success. Watch for the quality of what you buy, you need to trust your carry case.

If you are interested in getting the oils to go IN these carry cases, feel free to contact me and I would love to have you in the tribe!