soothing balm

It’s the time of year for saying thank you to all the wonderful people who teach my children. I love hand-made gifts and this year decided to use my essential oils. It’s all well and good if they are lady teachers, I have tons of ideas like sugar scrubs, soaps, body butters and blends….

But what if they are male teachers? My son has been fortunate enough to be taught by a young hip male teacher this year. Can’t imagine him using a sugar scrub somehow. I could be wrong, but he used to be a builder before becoming a teacher. Just saying…

So I started looking for unisex teachers gifts that I could give to all the teachers. dōTERRA’s blog has some amazing DIY recipes on it and there I found a recipe for a Soothing Salve. I renamed this to a Soothing Balm by accident when making the labels. I am sure no-one will notice. The Soothing Balm was incredibly easy to make, smells amazing and works like a charm on sore muscles. The only change to the recipe is that I swopped the Frankincense for Wintergreen.

This recipe would be amazing for a Sleep Salve, Ezcema Salve or even a De-Stress salve, just change the oils to suit!


dōTerra Blog Recipe here

Beeswax, grapeseed oil and almond oil here

Containers here

Essential oils- contact me!

I have made labels for this- if you want the file I am happy to share, just email me x