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It seems that I may have passed my gift of insomnia onto my son. Either that or he is an extreme version of a night owl. Lucky him whichever it is…(sorry son)

Over the last year or so his bedtime has been getting later and later. Or rather the time he falls asleep has become later and later. If we put him to bed at 7.30pm he would be awake for nearly another 2 and a half hours in his bedroom…that’s a looong time alone and trying to fall asleep. We’ve tried everything from no TV for at least an hour before bed, to running him ragged in the afternoon. We’ve tried epsom salt baths and magnesium lotion and my special sleep blend both diffused in his bedroom and on his feet. It just became disheartening for us as I don’t want him alone in his bedroom for 2 and a half hours but neither did I want him awake and with us for that time. As parents we need some time by ourselves.

My boy was getting more and more frustrated and asked me to look for a sleep aid product he heard about on the radio. That same day I also read about an alternative essential oil sleep blend to the one I use all the time. So I popped into the pharmacy and came out armed with two sleep products and then made up the new sleep blend. That night we used the the sleep products, magnesium lotion and the new sleep blend. We also gave him a new bedtime of 8pm as long as we have a quiet/ wind down time from 7.30pm onwards.

IT WORKED!!!!! It worked, it worked, it worked!!! He’s been asleep by 9pm ever since, it’s going on a week now!

I am so pleased and as I can’t be the only Mum out there with a little insomniac/ night owl….here is what we used:

The new sleep blend

This is a blend of 4 oils and only one is in my super special sleep blend. So completely new to me and completely works on my son! 5 drops each of Sandalwood, Patchouli, Roman Chamomile and Lavender- rub on the big toes and up the spine. I also diffuse a drop of each of the oils in the diffuser in his bedroom. Each of these oils has sedative qualities and the combination is really potent.

Magnesium Lotion

Magnesium is essential to a good nights rest. Studies have found that it helps decrease cortisol, the “stress hormone” that can keep you up at night. It also helps muscles relax, to give you that calm sleepy feeling and helps you unwind after a long day. Each of the kids get a 50c size dollop rubbed on their bodies each night. If your body is lacking in magnesium the lotion will sting a bit. I think we have a way to go as it still stings the kids a bit- not much but it does and so I am trying to remember to up the amount each night.

Don’t worry about over doing magnesium, your body will tell you when you have too much (you get the runs). It would be hard to over do topical magnesium! In my personal experience magnesium stops that 2 to 4am wake up time. It helps me sleep through the night.

Sleep Drops for Kids

I tried the adult version of these a while ago and they didn’t do a lot for me but I tried them on their own and pre-oils *was there even life before oils??? Haha!*. I DO think Sleep Drops for both Kids and Adults are great as part of a package of sleep aids. This tincture is a natural blend of herbs, homeopathic and flower essences. I put 5 drops under my son’s tongue every half an hour until he falls asleep. The drops help him to unwind and fall asleep.

Sleep Support 100% Tart Cherry

This is a natural form of melatonin called Phytomelatonin. Tart Cherry helps to regulate circadian rhythms and sleep. It helps the body produce melatonin. In the past I took melatonin tablets and they were so helpful in falling asleep.  I love that this is a  fantastic NATURAL product to aid in falling asleep, which was my boy’s primary issue. It’s tastes quite sour, but my son loves the taste. It’s good for adults and children alike.

I hope this helps someone out there! This would also help adults, you would just adjust the dose for adults rather than children and increase the ratios of essential oils.

All the best with your sleep!