Hi my name is Samantha and I get overwhelmed.

I get overwhelmed by the sheer amount of parenting advice coming at me from all sources. I get overwhelmed by my own perfectionist tendencies (yes I did just admit that) and trying to get everything just so all the time.

I get overwhelmed by running two businesses and wanting to be a present wife and mother.  I get overwhelmed by wanting to be all things to all people and not wanting anyone to feel like I am not “there” for them, whatever “there” really is. I just get overwhelmed by life.

I posted a video this week using Facebook Live this week to push myself past wanting the videos I post to be “perfect” and shared my revelation.


At the heart of it really is to simplify. So much easier said than done. But I think if we can find a tool to help us push past all the clutter and focus on a couple of key things that are important to us, it really does help. I want to give my children a childhood I did not have. One that has emotional security and a love that is not dependant on “good” behaviour. But somehow in the search for what I didn’t have, I have just got overwhelmed.

Then there’s the added pressure of society’s  reminder to enjoy every moment because they are little for such a short time . This brings an additional load. The burden that we have to be present, engaged and grateful for motherhood 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. That is just not humanly possible. Sometimes I really do want to disengage from looking at the 600th drawing of Dory the fish and have a glass of wine on the couch while reading a book.

There is so much crackle and noise from social media, let alone from our own family and friends. So I go back to what I said on the video…I am a good Mum doing my best and YOU are a good Mum doing your best. Figure out what matters to you and focus on those. Medicating naturally and being emotionally present are my focus points. Yours will be completely different and that is what makes you the Mum you are.

So I may not grow all my own veggies, have a waldorf season table and an art corner set up for the kids. The kids may not do all the activities I would like them to do and we may not eat dinner around a lit candle every night of the week. I would like these things but they will not make me the woman I needed as a girl. So I let them go .

Simplify. That sounds really good to me x