I am not sure about you but I need my life to be more than about my needs and my life. I want my life to count towards bettering humanity however small my contribution is.

There is so much need around us and my belief is if we play our part we can impact lives for the better.

That goes for my business too. My mission, for my design company was to better people’s lives with the workspaces I created. That was important work for me for many years and for me to move to another business, it needed to have a soul and a mission.

My partnership with dōTERRA has a mission that impacts people in ways I could never imagine.

I received this bracelet in the post yesterday. It was part of dōTERRA’s Christmas collection and is a handmade bracelet with the Beautiful blend oil.

It was made by women in Uganda, in Africa, the continent I was born on. DōTERRA partnered with Wosana who work with vulnerable women to make these incredible bracelets.

I always think about the hand that last touched something I receive in the post, it’s a little habit of mine. I imagined a Mum like me, wanting to provide for her family…. slipping this bracelet into the bark pouch.

What was she thinking? Did she wonder about me as I wonder about her?

Did she think about who would be wearing her creation and think about who I am? I bet she did.

My purchase directly benefited her and her community.

I freaking love that. I want my purchases to be ethical and make a difference.

This video shows where my bracelet comes from and I could honestly cry. My wrist has some of those amazing beads hung like coloured jewels in the sunlight!!



The best news of all is that the bracelets are all sold out in the US and very nearly sold out in Aussie and NZ. Why would that be good news? It means we as have bought nearly ALL of them! Maximum benefit.

I am so grateful that just by running a dōTERRA business I am impacting humanity for good.

How amazing is THAT?


If you have a dōTERRA business & mission, believe in it and yourself. It’s a beautiful thing.

If you don’t have a dōTERRA business and you want one, I can take you where you want to be. I know business and I love it.

First you need some life changing essential oils….

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