A Mum who parents differently to me challenged me last week. In her view I am too child- centered and the kiddies need to fall into line with my life. I realize this is coming from her experience as a Mum and the choices that have worked well for her but something about it jarred.

It’s true we are are very child-centered and I am learning that we all 4 of us have a voice and a right in the family. But I will never ask the kiddies to fit into my life, that’s my choice. I am not going to say why as that may seem like a justification of our choices when I don’t want to justify anything but the choice to parent the way that is YOUR truth.

If you are a full time working Mum with your kids in day care- that’s fine.

If you are a stay-at-home Mum- that’s also fine.

If you work at home and fit your work in and around school hours, that’s fine too.

As long as your children are loved & cherished, whatever choices and decisions you make will be for their best.

And what is best is YOUR truth. YOUR truth for YOUR family.

We can look into another Mum’s life and judge her for her parenting choices, work, not work, stay at home and on and on. There’s so much judgment and assumption by women to other women, and I have had my fair share in the last week.

So THIS space, my space, is a zero judgment zone.

I have crafted this life and I love it. Have I got everything right? Heck no. But my kids are loved and cherished and that’s all that matters. Whatever your choice, your decisions, your TRUTH is for your family, you are doing the best you can.

And that’s enough x