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We all know the saying happy wife, happy life. I beg to differ, it’s more like- happy children, happy life…

That’s not to say that our children are the the centre of the family and rule us with their emotions. But in all honesty who has ever tried to have a  relaxing dinner chat with your spouse while the children are going ape? Or tried to create a good start to the day while world war 3 unfolds between siblings? Or lost sleep over the unhappiness of your child at school?

A happy child is an emotionally stable child and that’s what I am after. Life is hard for every human being- children included. And we can’t save them from life’s ups and downs. But we can help them navigate through from a head space that is calmer and more stable.

We use do a lot to help the children. Diet, supplements, plenty of water and exercise to name a few. But our essential oils are key to their wellness- we boost their immunity and we help them emotionally with the help of this incredible plant medicine.


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Healthy body healthy mind- we can’t separate the two. We work on the children’s immunity all the time. We will never stop as everyday life is constantly throwing challenges at them and their bodies. On Guard is hands down the most important oil for us. It’s the Protective Blend and is a potent mix of oils including Wild Orange, Clove Bud, Cinnamon, Eucalyptus and Rosemary that boost immunity and fight infection. It’s the one oil we will never be without.

Correct-X is a little gem of an ointment. It’s good for scrapes, bruises, burns, grazes- anytime the skin is broken or harmed. My children are active and we use this ointment a lot. It is a gentle soothing cream with Frankincense, Helichrysum, Melaleuka, Cedarwood and Lavender- all oils that help the skin.

Red Rage Soother

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We have deep deep emotions in our house. And sometimes what is being felt is so deep that it can’t be coped with. We call this state “Red Rage”. Where a small person is just so overcome by what they are feeling that all reason leaves. We have found the combination of Basil and Black Pepper to be incredibly helpful in this state. Almost miraculous at soothing and calming.

Both Basil & Black Pepper are neurotonics and help you move from inundated/ repressed to relieved and soothed.  These oils are very good for emotional and mental states of mind and are very calming.

Hormone support

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We found out that this oil works for little girls by accident. Our little girl was going through the hormonal growth spurt just after 5 and was a wash of hormones. The house was on a tightrope. One morning I swished up her spine with my Clary Calm and …… silence. The extreme emotion was over. It was another “Basil & Black Pepper” moment for us.

Clary Calm is a blend of oils formulated to support women with oil including Clary Sage, Lavender, Bergamot, Ylang Ylang, Roman Chamomile among others. It smells so good and is a great hormonal support.

And it works with tiny women too!

School support

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School is tough- I remember it being tough for me and I see it’s tough for one of my kiddos. The other has sailed through which is such a blessing. For the one that doesn’t cope so well we use our amazing oils once again for emotional support.

Balance is one of my all time favourite oil blends. Its the Grounding blend and does just that- calms, centres and grounds. It’s a blend of some tree oils and I love that it’s qualities reflect the plant it comes from. Trees are deep rooted and centred and this is what Balance does for us.

The other trick in the tool box is In Tune- the Focus Blend. This blend helps the mind to focus and concentrate and this is such a support for the classroom. This blend has oils including Anyris, Patchouli, Frankincense and Ylang Ylang among others in it. It is also grounding and so compliments Balance perfectly.

We use essential oils equally for physical and emotional support and when we are consitent and regular we see the results in the children. They are calmer and happier and this means I more often than not, get to have that dinner chat with my darling, in peace and calm x