This is the question I get asked the most, and is probably the most valid question of all. What are essential oils? What is in these tiny little bottles we can’t live without?

Well, it’s simply plant medicine.

Essential oils are basically a plant’s defence system, and protects that plant against bugs, infection or disease or from predators wanting to eat it. The earth we live in is so miraculous that we are able to use the natural defence system from a small plant in our own bodies to protect and defend ourselves. We are able to use oils extracted from a plant (by either crushing the plant or steam distilling)  to fight illness and keep ourselves healthy.

Essential oils are volatile organic compounds which means they do not have vitamins, minerals, hormones or essential fatty acids in them. They are able to act in our bodies at a molecular level supporting our cells. When used properly, and that means diluting where needed, you will have a natural medicine cabinet at your fingertips. Each plant’s oil has unique and special qualities that aid and work with our bodies in different ways and areas. Each oil has multiple medicinal qualities that makes them multi-purpose.

Essential oils must be as pure as possible to work with our bodies and not against them. The purity of dōTERRA’s oil was the first thing we investigated when we were introduced to essential oils. DōTERRA have established a level of purity that is world-class.

We use essential oils multiple times a day for everything from emotional health to physical health to creating a home that is toxin-free. As a mother, wife, sister and friend I feel empowered to create a life and home that my loved ones can thrive in. I love that!

If you would like more info on essential oils or would like to know how to get your own natural medicine cabinet feel free to email me at I would be happy to help!