multilevel marketing is community 01

Network marketing- the words that polarise! Deep breath…

I fell into network marketing as it’s the business model that is attached to my beloved essential oils. The oils that I would walk over hot coals for as they are so life changing. I decided that I wanted to make my oils into a business as it fits with my deepest beliefs and philosophy. That our bodies can heal themselves if given the tools. And doTerra essential oils are a critical and vital part of my natural solutions toolkit. So it was a natural fit for me and it just happened that these oils were sold through network marketing.

In the beginning days of Oiltribe I didn’t know much about network marketing. It was what it was. It was just a different way of doing business to my design business.

Then I encountered a whole heap of negativity, some of which rocked me to my core. I questioned everything about network marketing, the company, the style of business, myself- everything. It’s taken working with an incredible business coach to cut through the fear and negativity and see network marketing for what it means to ME.

Network marketing equals community equals trust.

The oils could be sold through a retail store whether bricks and mortar or on-line. Easily. A whole bunch of strangers could purchase oils. But then what? How do they use them? How do they learn about how the products can revolutionise their heralth? You could have a loyalty or VIP club which taught people about the products. And this could create community over time. But how much trust is there within the community? There is potential trust with the brand, but with each other?

And this for me is why I love network marketing. It has built a community around Oiltribe of people who trust the oils AND trust each other. Because of the networks people have there is innate trust. And I LOVE that. Make no mistake that trust can be abused which is why people are so polarised by network marketing. When people trust it is a sacred gift. A gift that needs to be honoured and often it has not been. However we each chose to honour trust or not. And I chose honour.

So let’s address the pyramid scheme thing. A pyramid scheme is where something intangible is sold and the person at the top always makes the most money. Oiltribe sells products which are tangible and anyone anywhere in the tribe has the chance to make the most money. You could decide to do the business tomorrow and make more money than anyone else. True equal opportunity.

What I love the most about doTerra and the way they have set up their version of network marketing is the team dynamic. Oiltribe will only succeed if the businesses who are part of Oiltribe succeed like Rejuvenate, Ora Wellness, Oil Goddess, The Journey, Thrive-Well, All in a Drop, Cherish Oils, The Ancient Path, Family Wellness Naturally & Whole Life Free. You cannot stamp on anyones head to move up and why on earth would you want to?

Network marketing has been good to me and in fact, I would chose it for a business model if I had a choice. It has built a community of people who trust each other. And that is worth the world to me.