Winter is a hard one for maintaining energy levels! I find I want to sleep more, move slower and eat more- anyone with me?

Life is full and exciting and I really want to keep up. The boundless and endless energy levels of my 7 and 8 year old set the bar and I want to end the day with energy in the tank, not puffed out.  Here are a couple of things I have been doing and they have made a massive difference. By the way these will all make sense to you, we just need a little reminding every now and then!

Cut the caffeine

I know. Cut off my will to live at the same time, why don’t you. But caffeine is really not good for us or our adrenals.

There are debates about whether or not coffee is good for us. All I can go on is how I feel after too many coffees- jittery, tense and grumpy. That’s my body telling me I have had too much caffeine. I am down to one cup of coffee a day and that works really well for me. You may be able to have more or none at all. My tip for drinking coffee is to get the best possible coffee that you can. Mould and pesticides are an issue with coffee crops so chose an organic brand of coffee. Adding extra nutrients like making a Bullet Coffee with butter or coconut oil is a good way of also getting healthy fats into your body.

Drink more water

Dehydration leaches energy. Water accounts for approximately 60% of our body weight. Every single one of our organs and bodily requires water to function properly. Dehydration, even at low levels, can cause various body functions to slow down, leaving you feeling sluggish, tired, and irritable. If you’re in need of a quick “pick-me-up,” try drinking a glass or two of water. Besides giving you an energy boost and fighting off fatigue, drinking water also produces many other benefits such as warding off headaches, increasing metabolism, and aiding in clearer skin.

If this is hard to do in winter (it is for me), drink non-caffeinated herbal teas or flavour your water with a drop or two of essential oils such as Lemon, Lime or Grapefruit.

Move your Body

Exercising boosts your energy levels. But it needs to be in your low to moderate training heart rate range. This will prevent you from depleting your body, and help you avoid feeling fatigued, which would otherwise prevent you from getting the maximum energy benefits.

It also needs to be what works for you. I am a natural sloth when it comes to exercise, I would rather bake, read a book, sew, read or crochet. Those are my happy & green spaces. Sweating is not, however I know my body and brain need it. So as it’s mid winter I am being kind to myself and skipping the 6am outdoors bootcamp. I am doing interval training on the treadmill and a tabata in the morning. 20 minutes from start to finish. And a couple of times a week I walk to get the kiddies from school. This is kind to me AND I get to move my body.

Smell the Oils

There are a couple of essential oils that will naturally boost your energy levels. Peppermint and Wild Orange help with tiredness and a lack of energy. I know this first hand as I use these oils when jet lagged, sleep deprived and shattered.

Rosemary is another great essential oil for energy plus it can help boost your memory! It relieves nervous exhaustion and fatigue. Cinnamon is another, it’s warming and can increase the flow of blood to the brain. These two oils are a regular combo in my office diffuser.

The way to use essential oils for energy is to diffuse them so you are breathing them in. Use a diffuser or put a drop of each in your hands, rub together and breath in.


If you have done everything else and still need a pop of vitality then a supplement may help. But look for one that is completely natural.

I use this one- Mito2max. “doTERRA Mito2Max is a proprietary formula of standardised plant extracts and metabolic cofactors that supports healthy cellular energy production. Mito2Max supports optimal mitochondrial function, aerobic capacity, and stamina naturally without the use of harmful stimulants.* Use Mito2Max as a healthy, longterm alternative to caffeinated drinks and supplements for increased energy and vitality.” 

The above is long hand for “they really work”. I take 2 capsules in the morning to see a difference in my day. What I love best about them is that there no nasty jittery spike and then sudden downturn in my energy levels.

Ok! Those are my tips, the ones that have worked for me. Mid winter is a hard time of year for me and these small changes have really helped.


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