Mother holding hand of little son with backpack outdoors, back to school

Yesterday I handed out couple of vials of oil to a Mum at school while we sat outside the classroom waiting for the final school bell to ring.  She was a little desperate- her child is strong willed and in her words” a stunner of a tantie thrower”.  Her family has suggested medication and she’s not ready. So I gave her Basil* and Black Pepper* to try and Serenity* for her mother heart as I carry these around with me and use them all the time. This Mum is doing her utmost. She’s committed to her kids and is a really great Mum. As she talked and unburdened it struck me. I hate (yup really do hate) that we feel we need to justify our position constantly. Why we feel we have to justify the choices we make as a Mum, as a parent.

The choice to medicate or not medicate.  Homeschool or main stream school. Vaccinate or not vaccinate. Clean eating or not. Attachment parenting or routine parenting. On and on and on. I see endless blog posts defending one position or another. My Facebook feed is full of Mum’s justifying their position on anything from medicating their child to the “right” brand of coconut oil.

The thing is that I have not met ONE Mum who is doing less than her best. I know there are Mums out there who don’t care and are doing less than their utmost but to be honest they are in the minority in my world. All the Mums I know would give their right arm for their children. Would do anything to help, support and love their kiddies. So why can’t we be ok with doing what we are doing? Be ok with our own special, unique and amazing style of motherhood?

To me, The Mums in my world can do anything they like. Choose whatever. Because they love their children.  I will talk about my parenting, it’s my journey- but I am not threatened by someone else’s choices. I celebrate them. There is only one tribe of Motherhood. There are different expressions of motherhood but we are the same tribe. Made the same way with the same bits and the same hormones. One tribe.

Let’s celebrate that we do motherhood differently. And be ok with what we choose as we know best for our own children. Just love each other because as my hero mummy blogger Constance Hall says “we are ALL Queens”



*Basil & *Black Pepper are amazing to use in the middle of a meltdown. When a child has an overwhelm of emotion and reached the point where reason is temporarily lost (who has not been there with their child?), these oils will bring calm and peace to the child. Amazing emotional support when rubbed on the chest- or anywhere your hands can get in the middle of a meltdown…!

*Serenity is the heart blend- comforting and supporting. So good for Mums!