One of the first questions I always get is about the monthly loyalty program dōTERRA offer. I am not sure about other teams but we have a very clear stance on this:

It’s YOUR choice and is honoured and respected.

We are not a team that pushes for monthly loyalty orders. Using dōTERRA’s oils in our market (New Zealand) is a financial commitment and we understand that for some, an order every couple of months is all they can manage.

So with this heart-held view, I have thought long and hard about why I am so passionate about a monthly loyalty order.

It’s because of the value of pro-active health.

I sat with yet another couple this week with the husband facing a second round of brain surgery to remove a tumour. “But we’ve always eaten well” they said. “And exercised regularly!” My heart just breaks. That used to be enough to keep disease at bay- it isn’t anymore. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but we are overloaded with toxins in a toxic world. It is NOT enough to simply eat well and exercise in order to maintain good health. We need to do more.

Let me explain.

In times past we grew our own food, rotated our crops and fertilised our crops with the ashes from the fire where we burnt the bones from our meals. In this way we ate mineral rich nutrient dense food and gave our bodies everything they needed. There was no GMO, toxic insecticides, chemical pesticides and fluorinated water.

Now even if we eat organic food free from GMO, chemicals and pesticides we have no way of knowing if the food is nutrient dense. Our soils are deficient in zinc, selenium, iodine and magnesium so even organic produce can’t give us enough of these minerals. Then you look at the antibiotics and processed food that chickens, pigs and cows eat. The fact that you can’t even drink the water on a dairy farm that the cows drink…

I think you get the picture.

We need to be proactive when it comes to our health. By the time our immune system is weakened to the point that disease takes hold, often times it’s just too late. We can’t or won’t make the changes at that point to heal our bodies and help our immune systems repair themselves.

Proactive healthcare for me means essential oils. It also means Vitamin B supplements, clean gelatin, organic greens, magnesium lotion, zinc gel and iodine drops. ALL of this is on some kind of weekly or monthly order. Why? To make sure it’s a regular commitment and when I run out of something, I have another one ready to go. I have found I am far more likely to use something regularly and commit to it when I am not worried about it running out. I also don’t have to think about ordering other than to adjust what I am getting at the start of the month. It’s easy.

I am pretty relaxed about people joining Oiltribe. I believe that our tribe will find us and there’s never any pressure to join. As I go on I am beginning to know my people and if you are one, you will join the tribe. What I am not relaxed about it people not doing anything about proactive healthcare. If oils are not for you (can’t imagine why not haha!) then fine, find SOMETHING.

Commit to some kind of natural healthcare and I believe the best way to serve yourself is through a monthly loyalty order. I have been part of dōTERRA’s since I first signed up as I realised that this was my thing, my version of proactive healthcare. To date that’s 37 monthly loyalty orders and the value is priceless. I started before I ever dreamt of doing this as a business. As a result I have a full natural medicine cabinet at my fingertips and that equals one empowered mother!

Help yourself live long and well. Find your version of proactive healthcare and commit. And in my view that means some kind of regular ordering system. Make life easy for yourself, I have and it’s working well for me.

If essential oils ARE your thing, I would love to have you on board and help you regain or maintain wellness.

Here’s the link to join the tribe (click on Join & Save)