There are so many ways essential oils can support us emotionally and shift us from one state to another. But I had no idea I could use essential oils to actually manifest good things- like abundance!

Last month I went for a massive milestone in my business. Half way through the month it looked like it was impossible. So being the faith-filled person that I am…I gave up. I told myself and others that February was the wrong month to hit this milestone. I covered myself with all sorts of excuses and and sat in a big pit of sadness.

Then I put two and two together. I realised that I had manifested two important things that had just happened. I had dreamed about speaking at doTERRA’s convention. In my head I was much further along in the business and it was the massive convention in Utah. Then I dreamed that I would be interviewed by a leader I admire a lot. But again I was a lot further along in the business in my dream. I gave my shower speeches and car speeches (you know when you are alone and talk to yourself….!) and then got on with life.

Well it turns out that BOTH these things happening in February! I was asked to speak at dōTERRA’s Australian convention and I was interviewed by the leader I admire. It took me a while to connect the dots and realise that while neither of these dreams was packaged in the way I thought they would be, they HAPPENED.

That gave me momentum to pick myself out of the pit of sadness and start to believe. I manifested my behind off about reaching this milestone. I talked abundance constantly and things started to shift.

I used my essential oils, prayed, manifested and did EFT tapping. EFT Tapping is amaze-balls. Seriously. I have never done it before and in February did it every single day. It’s now part of my morning routine and I love it.

The main way I used my oils was to diffuse them. I wanted to hit my amygdala and help release abundance with everything I had. I talk about the amygdala and how essential oils impact it here.

I had a quiet time and prayed about the emotions I needed to feel. I was very specific and then I used my Emotions and Essential Oils book to match these emotions to oils. These are the oils I used to inspire abundance:

Wild Orange- the oil of Abundance (of course!) This oil inspires abundance, fosters creativity and supports a positive mood. It teaches us to let go of a scarcity mindset and the belief that there is not enough. Wild Orange reminds the soul that there is limitless supply (yes!) and inspires endless solutions for problems and issues.

Tangerine- the oil of Cheer & Creativity. Tangerine supports an individual in accessing the abundant pool of creative energy held within the spirit. It lifts the mood and encourages us to be creative and spontaneous. Tangerine helps us to be abundantly creative!

Citrus Bliss- the Invigorating blend. Citrus Bliss is a powerful “fire starter”. It returns motivation and drive when this has been lost. Citrus Bliss motivates us to use our true creative power and let go of old insecurities and limitations. It inspires…..abundance! Citrus Bliss has Wild Orange and Tangerine in it and so increased the potency of these two oils.

Then I worked on what I needed to let go of to allow abundance to take hold. For me it was the feeling of not being worthy of this milestone. I looked at what oil would support me in moving past feeling unworthy and it was Cassia. I am sure I don’t need to tell you how AMAZING Cassia smelt with the citrus based oils above! SO good!

Cassia- the oil of Self Assurance. Cassia brings gladness and courage to the heart and soul, It dispels fear and replaces it with self-assurance. Cassia aids us in seeing our own brilliance, and we are all brilliant in our individual and unique ways. Cassia invites us to let our light shine and live from our authentic selves.

Each morning I had a quiet time. I put the diffuser on with the 4 oils above and prayed/ manifested. Then I did a tapping exercise.

The tapping exercise I did was about being worthy. For me being worthy of abundance. This is the video I followed. Brad Yates has tons of videos on his You tube channel.


In the 13 days between the 15 February and the 28 February everything shifted for me. I met the milestone and the abundance was mine!! I shifted from the impossible to the possible. I learned so much in those two weeks mostly about the power of harnessing the mind. We are incredible created beings- we are not accidents or mistakes. There is so much power in our minds and I am just beginning to realise how much!


If you want to start your journey to abundance using essential oils here is a link. Click “join and save”