I grew up with a shelf in the household linen cupboard devoted to conventional medicine.

There was a huge swathe of medicine vials, bottles, boxes and tablets- to deal with almost every single health issue you can think of.

My Mom hoarded medicine like we were going to face an apocalypse. And did not ever throw anything out. Expiry date? What expiry date- we had things that expired decades before lurking in the far corners of that shelf. I loved to rummage around on that shelf as a child- you never knew what you would find.

So it’s safe to say that I was not familiar with natural medicine growing up. No hippy nonsense in our household. My parents were friends with a couple that used high doses of Vitamin C to treat colds. My parents marvelled at this and dabbled in the odd supplement but were still fast friends with the doctor and pharmacist.

I, on the other hand, have always been fascinated by plant medicine and the idea that you could use plants to heal.

I bought my first herbal healing book by Margaret Roberts in my teens. It’s one thing though to have a collection of books on plant medicine and another entirely to actually use plants in a herbal and oil form as part of more natural lifestyle.

It’s been an incremental journey. And I am certainly not over the top “crunchy” as a mother. But I have had to get used to being “that person”. The odd one, the weird one. That mother who would rather not use antibiotics unless I absolutely need to, who treats a high temperature with Peppermint oil first, before using a bottle of Pamol and believes that dirt is good for you.

I am no-where near the stereotype of a natural mother. I wax, wear heels and paint my nails. I live in a city and like the buzz. My dream is to live in the country and grow my own food but I wonder if I will cope away from cafes and a supermarket. I am Mrs Average.

And yet, some family and friends think we are odd. And I have had to be ok with that. The more we learn and research, the more convinced I am that what we are doing is the way to go.

I thank God every day for some of the decisions we have made and are surer of them all the time. The way we eat, live and medicate is not the social norm. It’s different and more intuitive. We listen to our bodies and try to be as pro-active about our health as possible.

My kids are robust and healthy. And when they do fall sick I have options. The doctor is ALWAYS an option but it’s not the first option. My son had a heavy head cold this week and I used a combination of Vitamin C, Echinacea, zinc and On Guard oil on him. 48 hours later he was better and it was all natural giving his body the tools it needed to heal itself.

The most important thing to say is it has taken me the best part of a decade to end up here. Empowered and understanding the options I have. Step by step I have created options that work for my family and me. Clean eating, a low-tox home, essential oils, supplements and a team of professionals I can call on.

Wherever you are at, it all starts with a single change, and then another and another.

Focus on the next step, not the end goal and before you know it, you are living the way you want to.

Of course, the foundation of my natural life is dōTERRA. The supplements, low-tox products and essential oils are what I turn to first. The rest supports dōTERRA and is also an important factor as part of a holistic lifestyle.

Step by step, it’s easy. And the sooner you are living a low-tox lifestyle and reaping the benefits.

If you are ready, it’s time to jump on the dōTERRA wagon.

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