I talk so much about these oils and how they have changed our lives. We are truly different people since we started on this oil journey.

But I have not talked a lot about HOW you can get your hands on your own natural medicine cabinet….the info is on the website but sometimes it’s nice to have a “chat” to someone. You know, where you can see the whites of their eyes and decide if you are “one of them” or not. Although don’t look too closely at the whites of my eyes as they are a tad red and tired- I am weaning myself off caffeine and it’s day one!

Anyway, it’s about being real so bloodshot eyes and all,  I found a warm spot in our house this morning and talked about how you purchase oils and products…..

Oiltribe and it’s community are precious to us. We have created a space that appeals to people who want a fuss-free way to live naturally.  We are an active and growing group of like-minded people.

And YOU may be one of us- so I outline why Oiltribe.  Being honest about our intention with Oiltribe and why you should consider Oiltribe to partner with in your oil journey. When you purchase oils from dōTERRA you become part of a team- that’s the way it’s structured. So it’s a good idea to pick a team that aligns with who you are.

This short video will give you chance to see if you are one of us…..

If you feel like Oiltribe would be a good fit for you, we’d love to have you along for the ride.

I am happy to help you get started. Email me at oiltribenz@gmail.com and I can help you begin your oil journey x