Here are some answers to commonly asked questions about dōTERRA essential oils & Oiltribe.

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The best way to get your own oils is to open a wholesale account. This is similar to a Costo or Gilmores account. You have your own account and have access to wholesale pricing which is a whopping 25% LESS than retail. When you open a wholesale account you become part of a team- join up through this link , clicking on Join & Save and you will be part of Oiltribe (yay!) This will give you access to member only communities and learning resources.

You can join up under anybody who has an account. That’s easy. BUT before you jump in take a moment to consider WHERE you are jumping in. When you open an account you become part of a team with the person who helped you open your account. You become part of their team. So it’s worth finding out a bit more about what that team is like.

What sort of support do they offer? Is there any ongoing training on how to use essential oils? Will you be put in touch with other people on the team so you can do this oily journey together?

I am messaged weekly by lovely souls on other teams asking for support. I can support them to a point with the blog on this website and facebook/ Instagram pages…but the in-depth learning and support is for Oiltribers only. I am responsible for those people on MY team and do everything I can to provide learning and build a community.

Oiltribe is very community based and has a particular flavour of together-ness. Our community is incredibly supportive and engaged. We have resources and learning for Oiltribe only and are constantly adding to this. There are dedicated You Tube channels for our team and an incredibly active secret Facebook group.

NO no no and no again. dōTERRA have an amazing Loyalty scheme which is a monthly scheme but you are under NO pressure to join this or actually ever order again. However if you want the full benefit of essential oils you will be using them, right? And this means that at some point you will need another bottle of one oil or another.

At that point you can decide to order a one off order on your account or join the Loyalty scheme. The Loyalty scheme gives you points back plus you can get a free oil each month. I redeem my earned points for all the expensive oils so I don’t actually use my hard earned cash for them. I saw the value of the Loyalty scheme from my first month long before I ever decided to do this as a business- I get free stuff and I like that!

NO. This is just plain rude. Oiltribe is first and foremost a community of amazing people who want to be pro-active with their healthcare. The face that we all use essential oils is almost secondary.  There is no pressure to order product.

Again no. 93% of the people who have accounts in dōTERRA are people who use the oils only.  People who want to experience the benefit of essential oils in their lives but are not interested in telling other about the oils or selling them. These people are hugely valued in our community, there is never any pressure to sell or share. Why would we want to push people into doing something that they don’t want to do? We want our community to be free and empowered.

However, we have found time and and time again that people can’t help talking about the oils and what they are doing for themselves, their children and their loved ones. And when they share what is working for their families, the people around them want to know more. We are relational beings and we want to learn off each other. If something is working for my friend’s family I want to know what it is and how I get it. Your friend could get access to wholesale pricing so she is saving money and you make money too…well worth considering

YES! I am not a typical network marketer- anything but! I come from a background of design with a small successful design practice. So I have been a successful business woman, and I can promise you, having your own dōTERRA business as part of Oiltribe can be equally if not more successful. Oiltribe gives me freedom to create the lifestyle I long for. Plus I empower women to take control of their & their loved ones healthcare, which fulfils a core desire of mine.

There is a wealth of training and support available from the word go….if you are looking for a career change, or an additional income stream attached to your existing business or even supplement your income, this is a very viable option! Contact me for more details.

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