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Alignment. That sounds good doesn’t it?

This beautiful earth has provided us with so much and we thrive when we live in alignment with our planet. What does that mean? Many things in fact, if you are after a holistic lifestyle…

We layer a whole lot of holistic practices to retain wellness we exercise, get outside as much as possible, eat as cleanly as we can, reduce toxins, food colours and preservatives and try to minimise stress.

The one thing above all else that has made the most difference to the health of our family is the introduction of essential oils. Not any essential oils, the purest and cleanest oils we could find and believe me, as a natural skeptic, I researched the heck out of this topic!

Essential oils are the foundation of our holistic approach to life.

We use dōTERRA essential oils and they truly are the foundation of our wellness toolkit. dōTERRA is Latin for “gift of the earth”. We are harnessing nature’s power by using these powerful plant extracts. Each essential oil is grown and harvested in its indigenous area or the area where the climatic and soil conditions make for the best possible plant and so the best possible essential oil.

DōTERRA essential oils and wellness products are of the utmost purity- CPTG (Certified Pure Tested Grade). This means that there are no fillers, perfumes, additives or preservatives in the oils. This is so important if you are looking to reduce the toxic load in your life. Each amber bottle is filled with 100% essential oils which means that  little goes a very long way. Less is more!

Knowledge is empowering.

Your first package of essential oils is the start of a relationship. You need a relationship that supports and encourages you. Education is key to effective oil use and the best place to learn is within a community. Oiltribe offers relational learning and connection with positive, affirming women. What’s not to love?

Ready to join our tribe?

Each person in our oil tribe has his or her own personal membership account, which is completely obligation free. The control of your account remains with you which I just love. You decide your own oil journey!

Here’s what you do…

  1. Click on this link, click “Join & Save” at the top of the page,
  2. Select your Country & language
  3. If you are in either New Zealand or Australia,  choose your LOCAL warehouse
  4. Select “Wholesale Customer” **please do not select Wellness Advocate without having a chat to me. This account type needs additional support from me and I would like to make sure you are placed where I can support you best**
  5. From here the enrolment options are two-fold:
  • Purchase an enrolment kit, which is a subsidised group of oils with the enrolment fee included in the cost of the kit. You are able to add extra oils or other products over and above the enrolment kit.
  • Purchase the Wellness Packet, which is the wholesale account set up fee and then add any amount of oils & products that you want.

What kit do I recommend?

Hands down the Nature’s Solution Kit as you are set up for a healthy home and healthy YOU! I started with a similar kit and never looked back.

Live in Australia? Here are your enrolment kit options

Live in the USA? Here are your enrolment kit options

Live in Europe? Here are your enrolment kits options

Live anywhere else? Email us or contact us via Facebook and we will send you the enrolment kit options for your country.

It doesn’t end there either. This is the start of a journey and there is so much to learn. We would love to support you, we have a Facebook group dedicated to all things oily. This is a “closed” group so you are free to ask all the questions you would like and are assured of confidentiality and privacy.

We also run workshops and classes constantly. You are welcome to attend any of them, we run them on a whole variety of wellness topics so there will be one to suit you!

In addition, we regularly have on-line opportunities to learn and develop your natural health care knowledge.


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