Life is pretty chaotic at the moment. We have two businesses, a full time job and a time consuming eating lifestyle. Life seems to be fraying at the edges a little bit.

We are living a faster pace of life than ever before. Everything is instant, communication, responses and deadlines. It all seem to be quicker and more intense than ever before. But we are still the same people as we were 50, 100 and 1000 years ago- we haven’t changed, we are still the same bundle of molecules as before. So the stress of modern life starts to show in emotional and physical ways.

We can’t avoid our lives and who would want to? I feel like we are living in vivid technicolour and I love life. In the springtime of Oiltribe I am in love with my business, life is really good. My family are happy and healthy so I am after finding ways to balance and embrace the chaos. I thrive in order- it’s how I am wired. So what when you can’t have order? What when life is total and glorious chaos? Chaos not a bad thing but not my natural vibe which is calm and order so I have been searching for ways to embrace it…


We sat down together and talked about the things that we can’t do right now. Things that are good but would put us into the “red zone”. The zone where family life is too chaotic and unmanageable. We have simplified and reduced the kiddies after school activities for one, and said no to other ongoing volunteer commitments. It’s for a season so we are ok with cutting back. We have committed to family and close friends as these are the people who truly matter on a heart level.


Chose your priority. This is individual and everyone’s is different. There is no right or wrong. Our priority is on our eating- Paleo takes an enormous amount of effort. It gets easier as you get used to the effort but it’s still a huge effort. We have to make sure we keep on top of the baking, shopping and preparing. I love to create and sew- its my happy space. But if time is limited, which it is in this season, my priority has to be making sure we are well fed and have things in the fridge and pantry. So time and energy get spent on that.

Let it go:

I love a clean and tidy house. But it’s not vital to our lives functioning at the moment. So I am closing my eyes to the piles of laundry and dust. When it’s gets overwhelming for me I go for it- a huge tidying spree where the tidal wave of stuff and laundry is returned to where it belongs. But I do my utmost not to worry about the house and the state of it. My mother would turn in her grave at the dust bunnies in the corner of my bedroom. But it’s ok, I am learning to let it go.

Be nice to you:

With all the best intentions and effort, things are still going to fall through the cracks. It’s just life. Be kind to yourself- this is something that I am still learning. No matter how hard I try, things don’t always work out and I am learning to be ok with that. Being kind may involve a mid week glass of wine instead of a run or making a diffuser bracelet when I should be folding washing. Small things but they are kind to me.

Celebrate the small victories:

I have joined an amazing women’s networking group and this is a message that comes across a lot. It must be because we are really bad at celebrating ourselves as women. So I am trying to stop and celebrate the victories in business and life. Like the fact my son’s eye doctor said that we have done a really great job in helping my boy’s bad eye to improve. It’s been 3 years of hard work but we did it. Celebrate!

I am sure I am like you in that I want to enjoy life now. Today will never come again and there are things about today that are amazing and miraculous. Chaos is the order of the day right now and I am learning to embrace it!