easy essential oil solid perfume

The end of the year is approaching at a gallop and suddenly it’s present season.

Thank you presents are needed for teachers, leaders and coaches. Christmas presents are needed for friends and family. Like many Mums, I want the presents I give to have meaning. Sure I can pop to the shops and buy gifts but the ones I love to give and receive are those with a bit of thought and maybe handiwork involved. I love to sew and while I would love to sew gifts for everyone, time is not on my side.

I am after gifts that are hand-made, don’t take oodles of time to make and look/ smell/ feel sensational. After all, gifts are an expression of love so they need to make the recipient feel cherished.

Once I have picked a gift to make I create a batch of them to give. So I try and find a gift that appeals to wide range of people. And solid perfume is perfect. I made a whole lot of solid perfume blends for the market I do (Coatesville market) and they sold like hot cakes. Women loved them and they were snapped up by young girls and older ladies alike. Universal appeal? Yes please!

Solid perfume is INCREDIBLY easy to make. And you can make a variety of smells to suit the person it’s for, whether floral, spicy, fruity or woody.

All you need is equal parts beeswax to coconut oil and melt together (I used doTerra’s Fractionated coconut oil). Then add essential oils to suit- about 20 drops per 4 tablespoons of mixture (2 of beeswax and 2 of coconut oil). The little pots in the picture are 30ml and hold about 4 tablespoons of mixture each.

You could use pots like I did or like the doTerra Blog post on solid perfume use a locket on a chain. These are readily available on line.

There are so many recipes to use, the best place to search is on Pinterest- here is a link to some.  Canva is a great tool for making labels and stickers and all you need is an A4 sheet of clear sticky vinyl to print on- your local stationary store can help you. Or if you can’t be bothered designing your own labels, Etsy has a great selection of either the actual labels or PDF labels you can print yourself. Sorted!

Whichever way you go, this is a fabulous gift idea. Easy to do and will be so appreciated!

Happy crafting x