Eating clean over the festive holidays can be tricky. Christmas and Easter are times when it’s a little more difficult for our children and us.

Unless your child has a chronic heath issue, allowing them to occasionally eat food that is less nutritious than normal, is ok, particularly during festive holidays.

Whether we like it or not advertising and social norms connect Easter with the Easter bunny and chocolate. After a couple of years in this clean eating gig, I have learned that allowing the kids to have a small amount of high quality chocolate makes them accept our clean eating lifestyle rather than kick against it.

One of things I noticed when we were full paleo is that my daughter started craving lollies. She hankered after sweets and even 18 months into our paleo journey could not accept that she could not have them. She doesn’t have a sweet tooth, it was just that she saw lollies in the store and watched her friends eating them and the fact that she could not have any was hard for her.

This was starting to set up an unhealthy preoccupation with foods that are not nutritious. I took notice and started allowing her very small amounts of chocolate. Her cravings have gone away and she happily accepts that she can’t have lots of chocolate all the time. It’s a very occasional thing.

So how do we handle Easter?

It’s really simple….Over the last 3 years I have bought the kids a small high quality piece of chocolate. And then added a toy or book.

Easy! Of course you don’t have to get the toy or book but it “bulks” up the Easter treats and I like that it shows Easter is not totally about chocolate.

The other thing I do is encourage the kids to eat the chocolate within the day (or even the morning) My childhood dentist told my mother to do this as the impact of the sugar on our bodies is in one hit rather than many hits over a couple of days. Get it over and done with!

Giving the kids (well, the Easter bunny gives them!) a store bought Easter egg that they have seen before while I am shopping, makes them feel like they are not missing out. Hopefully setting them up to make rational and reasonable choices as they grow. Choices that prioritise nutritious food 95% of the time but allow them to also eat like everyone else, for some of the time x