This was what I got this month for FREE from dōTERRA with a (wholesale) value of $505.

I know, crazy!

When I joined dōTERRA a couple of years back I had no intention of doing it as a business but I had a firm intention of using the oils for all they were worth. I decided that they were part of my natural toolkit and committed to them 100%.

I started on the Loyalty Program from Day 1. I have NEVER missed a month of ordering in 3 years.

Why did I decide to join the Loyalty Reward program? I wanted essential oils and I did not want to pay for all of them!I talk about the heart reasoning behind my commitment to essential oils, here.

How did I afford to order every month? By being creative and using dōTERRA for all the products that I usually buy from the health food store and supermarket.

Items like: Vitamins, toothpaste, muscle rub, shampoo and conditioner, face creams, hand soap, cleaning liquid, body lotion, lip balm and so on. I made sure they were like for like in terms of price and so my order was coming out of the household budget. Then I added in an oil or two a month and this was out of our healthcare budget.

As far as loyalty programs go, it’s pretty generous. The points started accumulating, going from 10% back up to 30% back after 13 months. I dislike paying full price and I love a bargain. The fact that I can save my points for the expensive and unusual oils floats my boat!

Case in point, I waited until now to order Blue Tansy. It came out last September (over 4 months ago) and yes, maybe as a Platinum leader I should have ordered it from the get go. But I do not have a spare USD114 lying around. If I did, there are other things I need to spend it on…

So I have accumulated my points since September, knowing that I wanted to get the new oils with my points wherever possible. And today my little stash of goodness arrived. Knowing I got these for free makes them smell even sweeter.

Except Blue Tansy. It’s stinky. Incredible for skin & amazing emotional support and blends like a dream (whereupon it smells better). But on it’s own, wow. Stinky.


Keen to get your own free stuff?

If you want to get your hands on your own oils and join Oiltribe go here. Click on “Join & Save” and select the “WHOLESALE Customer” option. We’d love to have you in the tribe. You will be well supported through our community and have access to learning & resources. And I can show you how to get started on the Loyalty Program too!