It’s no secret that I love dōTERRA’s top 10 oils. They are the perfect foundation for an Oiler as they are incredibly multi-use. If you have the top 10 oils you will have an oil for almost any issue. And if you don’t have the top oil for a particular issue, you will have the second most used oil.

The top 10 oils are Peppermint, Lemon, Lavender, Frankincense, Tea Tree, Oregano, Easy Air, On Guard, Digestzen & Ice Blue. These oils are the backbone of any essential oil wellness collection in my view. **Where do you get the top 10 oils? I explain at the end of the post**

It’s also no secret that I LOVE diffusing essential oils. When you diffuse essential oils they can change the state of an environment, by making it healthier physically , emotionally and spiritually. Sending aromatic compounds into the air where we can breathe them in is an effective way of using the oils and they smell incredible.

The good news is that there are thousands of essential oil diffuser blends out there, the not so good news is that 99.9% of them include oils that are NOT in the top 10. And as most of our Oiltribers start with the top 10 we thought we’d create and source diffuser blends that use ONLY the top 10 oils. This list of essential oil diffuser blends for the Top 10 Oils is part of a package of even more information we are collating for our new Oiltribers. Information based around the Top 10 oils and many more “how-tos”.  As I am in charge of the diffuser blends part I thought I would share it with you!

Here are 7 essential oil diffuser blends using the Top 10 oils…

Immune Support: This is the diffuser blend I use the most. These two oils are powerhouse oils for fighting infection. This blend will help your family stay well, and if you should fall sick, will help clear the air of air-borne pathogens.

Clear the Lungs: This is THE respiratory support blend. This blend is designed as a preventative or for the early stages of a respiratory issue- if you are in throws OF a respiratory issue, there are other oils we suggest adding to the mix.

Clear the Air: A wonderful blend for the change in seasons, or where there are allergy issues in the household. This is beautiful smelling combination and is a good “all-rounder” diffuser blend.

Freshen the Air: Cooked a strong smelling meal? Does the house feel a bit “stale” during winter? This is a perfect blend to freshen and “detox” your house of smells. Perfect for clearing the air of doggie smells *however scrumptious they may be*

Healthy Home: This blend helps to keep the air in the home healthy, On Guard fights air-borne pathogens and Lemon cleanses the air. If you have had sick visitors over OR you have a family member recovering from an illness, this is a perfect blend. It’s a general tonic for the home and I tend to have this bland going in the living areas.

Sleepy blend: This blend will relax and soothe. If you have sleep issues try these oils first before moving onto some of the other sleep oils.

Pick me Up: The energy blend! Stimulating and smells delicious. Perfectly suited for the late afternoon slump!

There you go! 7 beautiful blends using the Top 10 oils!

** how do you get the Top 10 oils? The good news is that they are part of the 3 enrolments kits we always recommend: The Natural Solutions kit, The Home Essentials Kit or the Essential Collection kit (be sure to add a diffuser to this one). These are collections of oils at a subsidised rate and if you get a wholesale account you get 25% off the cost of the kit**

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