It’s the first week back at school for the new school year! It’s been a long and glorious summer and it’s time for school again.

A new school year means new teachers and new classmates. And this can be scary for children even when the school is a really good one.

Anxiety is an issue in our house and so we prepared really well.

And still we had “sore tummies” on the morning of the first day back.

There are a couple of tried and tested things to do to help ease back to school anxiety:

:: Lots of sleep leading up to the first day of school. The more rest the better. A bedtime routine really helps after the long summer holidays. This is quite hard for us as with daylight saving, as it’s light until about 10pm. And who feels like sleep when the sun is shining? No one in our house that’s for sure! A tip is to keep the bedrooms as dark as possible with blackout curtains (or even a blanket or sheet across the window)

:: Reduce sugar in the days before and after a major transition. Sugar creates spikes in blood sugar levels and we have all seen the effects of those sugar highs on our kids! As tempting as it is to reach for a sweet treat to help your child through, try to avoid it as it will only add to the nerves.

:: Have a bath at night. A warm bath soak for 20 minutes at least with Epsom salts and Lavender oil will help to calm anxious feelings and set your child up for a good night’s sleep.

:: Use your oils of course! Hands down the best oils to try are the Kids Collection oils. Why? Because children can take control of what oils they use and apply them, themselves.

This is so empowering for an anxious child.

The blends are called Steady, Brave, Strong, Thinker, Calmer & Rescuer. The beauty of this kit is that oils are especially formulated for kids and everything is completely kid friendly.

I leave the kit out next to the breakfast plates and encourage the children to pick oils for themselves and apply them. There is a little set of flashcards to help them.

My two have used Steady the Grounding Blend and Brave the Courage Blend over the past week.

If you DON”T have the awesome dōTERRA Kids Collection, here’s what I have used in the past to help with back to school anxiety [click me]

I also have a diffuser going downstairs during the day and the kids each have one in their bedrooms at night:

:: A good day blend for anxiety would be Balance and Tangerine.

:: A restful and calming night blend would be Cedarwood and Lavender

Diffusing is KEY to changing the emotional atmosphere of your home. It’s a sanity saver, trust me!

So…how are we going?

Really well so far!

Cue happy dance!

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