There is a ton of negativity around direct sales. I have been in two groups this week where it’s been a feeding frenzy.

It’s been hard for my to relate as this is just not my reality. I have a gorgeous, growing ethical business.

I am an introvert that loves people and I don’t “do sales”. I had a super successful design company that took work off some of the best design firms in New Zealand and I never “sold” anything. I never schmoozed, I never networked, I never had to sell myself. I far too much of it and I wasn’t having a bar of it. People came to ME and asked me to take on projects.

So when people talk about direct sales being ugly and salesy and pushy, I have a chuckle to myself. It doesn’t have to be that way. And quite frankly if people discount incredible life changing product because it’s sold via direct sales….well, I have to wonder at the wisdom of that.

Heart-led direct sales. How does that sound?

I have built an incredible community based around heart-led business. My team are happy, connected and thriving. AND I am making a good living!

We lead with zero pressure. No follow up after follow up after follow up phone calls pressuring someone to join. No pressure to place another order then another. The funny thing is that Oiltribe grows without pressure. Fancy that.

Culture rules. And what rules culture is respect.

Yes sure not every person grows a dōTERRA business like this but we do. And I am on a mission to show people that it’s possible. I am speaking at the dōTERRA New Zealand boot camp on this very topic and my belief is that more of us will be building a business this way.


If you have been put off by what you think direct sales is, I encourage you to look at it again.

It CAN be heart-led and ethical AND make you a living.

Worth considering I think?

And if this sounds like you and you feel like you would be a good fit for our team and are new to dōTERRA, our door is always open.


The first thing you need is some oils so you can fall in love with dōTERRA. For your own set of powerhouse, gentle and effective oils  go here. Click on “Join & Save” and select the “WHOLESALE Customer” option. We’d love to have you in the tribe. You will be well supported through our community and have access to learning & resources.