change starts with one 01

I sat with a Mum at the point of overwhelm last week.  Both her and her husband have underlying health concerns and one of her children is really struggling at school. There’s change that needs to be made and this Mum knows it. The problem is that all she can see is the mountain of change needed in front of her. And it’s huge and overwhelming.

Anyone been here before? I know I have.

Where we are now has taken years of change. Slow, steady and often small steps. We started moving towards natural living around a decade ago. The way we were living made leaping into Paleo earlier this year much easier. We had a lot of the ground work in place already. If we hadn’t done this slow incremental change I am not sure we could have launched into Paleo the way we did.

So how do you change the way you live? And retain your sanity along with it?

Start with one

Changing one thing and mastering it has incredible power. It tells your heart, mind and soul that you CAN do change. And change that sticks. Pick one thing to change- less screen time, cut out gluten, cut out dairy, start seeing a chiropractor, start using oils. One thing. And once you have that one thing mastered and it’s become easy, pick another thing.

Start small

Changes don’t have to be large to be effective. Cutting out screen time 2 hours before you go to bed allows your mind and body to switch off and gives you a more restful sleep. A small change with a massive result, I mean we all need better sleep don’t we? A half hour walk 3 times a week will bring huge benefits for someone who doesn’t exercise.

Start slow

Give yourself time to master the changes you are making. A habit takes 30 days to form. Yes, this means that changes may take a while to integrate into your life but lasting change is worth it. Be kind to you and allow yourself the time to adjust to the changes you are making.

I worked out a plan with my friend at the cafe. A 12 month action plan for her and her family. We started with changes that were do-able and that she would succeed at. As we worked through the months she was amazed at what was possible in 12 months. One change a month at the start and then 2 or 3 small changes for the rest of the year. She will be in a completely different space in 12 months to the one she is in right now.

Small, single, slow change is what I advocate for. We don’t need added pressure and burden. Changing your lifestyle is meant to bring abundance and release from stress and toxins.

Let’s be kind to ourselves along the way x