Living a low-tox life with dōTERRA

I grew up with a shelf in the household linen cupboard devoted to conventional medicine. There was a huge swathe of medicine vials, bottles, boxes and tablets- to deal with almost every single health issue you can think of. My Mom hoarded medicine like we [...]

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best ever paleo chocolate brownie with dōTERRA essential oils

  I have tried a bajillion chocolate brownies recipes since we went paleo. Simply because I used to be the Brownie Queen with a recipe so good I could have sold it. Of course it was laden with gluten, sugar and dairy and sadly did not [...]

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Amazing Pumpkin Soup with dōTERRA essential oils

Soups are one of the best things about Winter. As the weather cools I move away from smoothies and start to crave soup. Pumpkin soup is one of my all time favourite kinds of soup! This recipe is so easy and according to my husband, is [...]

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