dōTERRA supports small local businesses

I often hear the argument that people want to buy oils from a small local supplier. And that dōTERRA is a giant corporation without a soul, swallowing up small businesses. “Support local” is the mantra. This argument doesn't hold a lot of water for me [...]

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dōTERRA’s epic Loyalty Reward Program, aka FREE stuff

This was what I got this month for FREE from dōTERRA with a (wholesale) value of $505. I know, crazy! When I joined dōTERRA a couple of years back I had no intention of doing it as a business but I had a firm intention [...]

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10 ways to use dōTERRA Lemon essential oil

  Lemon essential oil is probably the most used essential oil of all, and for good reason! This humble citrus oil is one of the MOST versatile and can be used in a myriad of ways. We use Lemon essential oil every single day and go through bottles of [...]

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