We love camping. Ok, I love “glamping”- camping in a huge tent with a rug and a small coffee table for my book. We camp miles from anywhere and if you don’t have something you need with you, you are 45min from the nearest town. So we pack carefully. This last weekend we went away and I took my natural medicine cabinet as always. So when a (hopefully minor) medical emergency arises, I can whip out an oil. Turns out there are a couple of VERY useful oils for use when camping.

Camping post 02

We were expecting Autumnal weather and instead got the last of Summer- hot and dry. On the first day we were there, I ran around making sure everyone had sunscreen and hats on.  I forgot to include  myself in this task…

I got SO sunburned on my face and neck- I was bright red. I used Lavender, Helichrysum and Frankincense, diluted with a little Fractionated Coconut oil twice a day smoothed over my face and neck.  Lavender is the go-to for burns- it soothes and calms the hurt skin, Helichrysum is called “Liquid bandage” and heals, fuses and restores. Frankincense is the “healer oil” and is another oil that is fantastic for skin. It restores and supports skin regeneration among many other things! This trio of oils is beyond perfect for sunburn and while my face was tender, the redness settled and my skin has not peeled.

Camping post 01

The next day my little girl was dancing in the grass, stood on a bee and was stung under the sole of her foot. Cue incredible pain and even more incredible noise. I ran to the tent and grabbed Lavender oil and Purify oil and over the next hour dropped a drop of each onto the sting every 10 minutes. I didn’t bother diluting the oils as she was in pain and the sting was under the sole of her foot where the skin is the thickest on our body. By the end of 60 minutes she was totally pain free and within another hour or so, happy to put weight on her foot and run around. In shoes this time, of course!  Lavender is fantastic for all kinds of skin issues (like sunburn!) and the Purify blend calms and soothes. Lavender is also useful for sleep and allergies.

Camping post 03

As it was hot and dry the flies came out in force. Yuk. We had our diffuser going and used Terrashield. This natural insect repellant kept the tent fly-free which was such a bonus. Terrashield is a toxic free alternative to the usual insect repellents. We also used it on our skin with Fractionated Coconut oil which made the oil stay on the skin longer prolonging it’s effect.

Having these oils available empowered me as Mum to meet the family’s needs far away from the doctor or pharmacy. My sister-in-law and I did make a trip into the nearest town but it was for coffee and books rather than a dash to the pharmacy. Win all round!

If you would like any more info on these amazing oils feel free to contact me at oiltribenz@gmail.com and I would be happy to chat!