best ever essential oil blends

There’s nothing better than whipping a roller ball out of your bag to deal with meltdowns, stroppiness and tantrums. Roller balls made of essential oils that WORK! I feel like a cowboy in the Wild West, whipping out my rollerballs…call me “Quick Draw Sam”!

Other Mum’s may have children who are perfectly behaved and themselves are always emotionally stable with life under control. If you are I take my hat off to you…and this may not be the post for you. Life for me is messy and loud and crazy but also wonderful and vibrant and full. In short I need my rollers. I currently have about 4 rolling around in my handbag and I always have time to make just one more.

If you are new to oils- this little glass bottle is now your best friend. It will make your oils last longer and less messy. I get my roller balls from here, here and here.

Here are 4 of my “must have” hand-made roller ball blends that live in my hand bag:

Tantie Tamer

This is one you have to make! We go through multiple rollers of this and always have one handy. It stops a tantrum in it’s tracks. It’s an equal mix of Black Pepper and Basil. Both oils are neuro-tonics and are very calming. So when little brains are tired and frazzled this calms everyone down. Use about 5 drops of each in a roller ball and swipe up the spine. If the meltdown is full blown and you can’t get at the spine, anywhere on the body (except for the face) will be fine!

Mothers Little Helper

This is your pre-Gin and Tonic helper. If you need help when it’s not appropriate to drink (jokes. kind of. seriously…) This is equal parts of Balance (The Grounding blend) and Serenity (the Calming blend). These blends will centre and calm you. Roll it on your wrists, in your palms and breathe in deeply or over your heart. It’s amazing and SO calming. Make it as concentrated as you like- up to 20 drops of each and fill with a carrier oil.

Bug Fighter

We use On Guard ALL the time. But sometimes despite our best efforts with On Guard (the Immunity blend), we get sick. When you do make up this roller ball blend and use under the soles of your feet at least twice a day. These oils are the infection fighters and are anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-spasmodic, in short anti everything bug-like. Use 10 drops of On Guard, 7 drops of Melaleuca and 4 drops of Oregano and fill the rest of the roller ball with a carrier oil.


This is a blend that I always have in my bag. The kids love it and so do I. If they are feeling a little bit emotional- like somebody did not play with one of them at lunchtime and that hurt, then this blend is wonderfully soothing. The kids and I use it on our wrists and breathe it in. I have found that often I can help with stopping the backseat fighting escalating with the application of this blend. I think the kids feel empowered when they use this roller. It’s equal parts of Wild Orange (the Oil of Abundance) and Lime (the Oil of Zest for Life). It’s yummy and citrusy and very uplifting! I use 7 drops of each in a 10ml roller ball and fill up with a carrier oil.

Enjoy! x