It’s no secret that like so many other Mums, I like clean. My home used to be a shrine to ALL things anti-bacterial.

Then I found out what was in anti-bacterial products. Blech. So I started looking for easy substitutions for my old friend Mr Anti-Bacterial Spray. And I stress the word easy. I am not the type of person to hand make my own everything- I just don’t have the inclination or the time. Somethings are worth making from scratch but cleaning products that have a long list of ingredients and require lots of time to make, are not on that list for me.

However having said this I do want natural solutions. That are good for me and my family and above all, do the job. And that is blast to germs into the stratosphere.

Here are 3 of my easy sanitising bathroom hacks using water, eco handwash and essential oils….

Bathroom oil hack 01

Toilet cleanser (and poo smell neutraliser)

This is a tricky little secret that has been going around our tribe of oilers. Lemongrass oil. The essential oil that cleanses your toilets and gets rid of smells. Our Lemongrass lives in the toilet. It actually lives on top of the toilet so when small hands reach for the flush button, Lemongrass oil is right there eyeballing them. One drop into the bowl after you flush the toilet (after number two’s) instantly neautralises the smell. It works so well.

The second way to use Lemongrass oil is to drip a single drop of it into the middle of the toilet roll it will make the whole roll of toilet paper smell amazing. And gently scents the whole room too. Just turn the toilet roll on it’s side and drip a drop onto the cardboard inner. Done!

Bathroom oil hack 02

Toothbrush sanitiser and makeup brush cleanser

I am ashamed to say that I have never cleaned our tooth brushes. I rinse them well after each wash and replace them regularly but have never actually soaked them. Then I heard of this easy hack from an amazing oiler called Ange Peters. And I tried and loved it. I will never be the same and neither will our toothbrushes.

Fill a glass jar with about 4 drops of On Guard (the protective blend) and about 3cm of filtered water. Pop your toothbrushes in and leave for 10 minutes. Rinse, empty the jar and repeat. Then I laid them out in the sun to dry. They smelled amazing and were naturally sanitised!

I do clean my makeup brushes but have never used essential oils. After I did this, my brushes were soft and smelt beautiful. Plus were sanitised- win! Fill a glass jar with 2 drops of Geranium oil (or Ylang Ylang oil) and a squirt of eco handwash. I swirled them around and left them to soak for 10 min. I rinsed them out and left them in the sun to dry. They dried overnight and were ready to go the next morning.

Bathroom oil hack 03

Mascara extender

This is so easy to do- it extends the life of your mascara and sanitises it. This is a trick I learned from from an oiler that has a dance school. At performances mascara is shared by the dancers which is a short cut to conjunctivitis. This dance teacher popped two drops of Lavender essential oil into each tube of mascara before the performance- sorted! A natural beautiful smelling non-toxic sanitised mascara.

Plus Lavender oil will nourish your eye lashes and also helps when your mascara is nearing the end of it’s life and is getting a bit clumpy.  Lavender essential oils will reduce the clumps and make the mascara last longer.

I would not describe myself as lazy but I do try to spend my time wisely. These hacks will save you time while naturally sanitising your toothbrushes, makeup brushes, mascara and toilet. Job done x