Our bodies are driven by hormones, and each moth there is an ebb and flow of hormones through the monthly cycle. If you are like me and have struggled with hormones that at times, have been wildly out of balance, this monthly cycle of hormones may not seem like a gift!

It’s hard to be grateful for our hormones when they are unbalanced, I know. Just one small change in hormone levels can cause an imbalance, with side effects like weight gain, fatigue, depression or infertility. Having had unbalanced hormones for most of my life, I know how good it feels to finally have some hormone harmony in my body.

When looking at our hormones it’s best to take a holistic approach. The definition of the word holistic is: the whole is more than merely the sum of its parts. If a certain hormones are out of balance it is likely that the imbalance is caused by another issue. The first place to start is back at the basics. Eat whole unprocessed food, drink clean water, reduce toxic load, move your body and reduce daily stress as much as possible. This will give your body a foundation of good health which will make it easier to identify other areas that are not working as well as we would like.

After that start by having a look at your adrenal health. Your adrenal glands are responsible for how you cope with stress. If you’re trying to juggle a job, family and the demands of everyday life, you are likely to have overworked adrenals.

Cortisol, the “stress hormone” is produced by the adrenal glands and regulates your body’s response to stress. Out of balance cortisol levels lead to exhaustion, an inability to calmly deal with stress, food cravings and brain fog. There are a couple of essential oils that support the adrenals: Basil & Rosemary.


Basil essential oil increases the body’s natural response to both physical and emotional stress while conditioning you to cope better. I have been using basil for a couple of weeks now. It’s been a long school term with a busy business and home life. I was feeling exhausted. I started using a couple of drops of Basil (with the same amount of carrier) and rubbed it over my adrenals, above the kidneys, twice a day. I feel more energised which is amazing!

Basil also soothes anxiety and is the Oil of Renewal emotionally. Basil strengthen the adrenals and restores the body to it’s natural thythms of sleep, activity and rest.


Rosemary also supports the adrenals. It is good for mental, physical and emotional fatigue. Use Rosemary diffused or with Basil and Peppermint to give you a boost of energy. Rosemary is also excellent for the memory and can improve brain function. No more brain fog!

Essential oils for Hormone support

There’s a super-group of essential oils called adaptogens. This group of essential oils are unique because they have are able to heal by stimulating and relaxing. They are adaptable depening on your body’s unique needs.

These oils are incredible at supporting hormone imbalance where a gland may be under-funtioning in one area and over functioning in another. Adaptogenic essential oils are capable of balancing opposing conditions without creating further imbalance which brings your body into harmony. Combining these oils together is a powerful hormone balancing tool.

The three main hormones that need to be balanced in a woman’s body are oestragen, progesterone and testosterone.

Clary sage

Clary Sage has a particular affinity with the female reproductive system. This floral essential oil is the best oil to support oestrogen imbalance. Because many health issues — from oestrogen- based cancers to infertility — stem from excess oestrogen in our bodies, clary oil is especially great for balancing hormones in women. Clary sage oil helps level out oestrogen production in the body.

Clary Sage has an oestrogen-like structure to help return balance to the female reproductive system and antispasmodic properties to relieve pain and menstrual cramping. Combine Clary Sage and Spearmint for menstrual cramp pain and reduction. This oil stimulates the pituitary gland, which regulates ovulatory and sex hormone function. Clary sage is also a uterine tonic pairs well with Geranium.

Thyme oil

Thyme essential oil has progesterone balancing effects and can help boost progesterone production. Women are often low in this hormone and reduced levels of it can cause some serious side effects, including weight gain, mood swings, PCOS, infertility and fatigue.Thyme oil benefits the body by improving progesterone production.

Thyme essential oil also stimulates the immune system and is a great example of how an oil can work in multiple areas in our bodies.


Of the three essential oils for hormone support, sandalwood essential oil is very effective at balancing out testosterone levels in both men and women. Testosterone is an important hormone for women as well as men, however the levels we need differ a lot!

Sandalwood has also been used as a natural aphrodisiac, making it a desired ingredient in perfume since ancient times.

How to use Hormone Balancing Oils

I would suggest making a serum. Use a little 15ml bottle (one of the empties you may have rather a lot of!) with a dropper on the top.

Hormone balancing Serum

  • 20 drops clary sage oil
  • 20 drops thyme oil
  • 10 drops sandalwood oil
  • Fill the rest of the 15ml bottle with Evening Primrose oil as a carrier

Mix all oils together in a 15ml bottle and apply 5 drops to the neck twice daily.

For additional support I would recommend a good supplement. I take this one daily.

If you are thinking about conception, there are different oils that could support you- here they are.

All the best with balacing your hormones and feeling more “you”.


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