hello! Welcome to my corner of the internet.

This is where I live out my dreams and help to transform the lives of others. My deepest belief is that if we give our bodies what they need they will do the work of wellness themselves.

I am a truth speaker with fire in my belly and a gentle heart.

I am a certified holistic health coach with the Institute of Integrated Nutrition and an essential oil educator. My passion is to empower women live lives that are abundant in health and energy.

We need connection with others that are like us- women that believe in living in complete alignment, body mind and soul. I am gathering a community of women who are looking for more. More knowledge, more freedom, more wellness.

A holistic approach to wellness means that I look for balance in everything I do. Essential oils are the bedrock of our natural solutions toolkit and then we layer other holistic, powerful and effective solutions on top.

I am a lover of ethical integrity and a seeker of knowledge .

I am glad to have you here, welcome, welcome, welcome x


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