change starts with one

I sat with a Mum at the point of overwhelm last week.  Both her and her husband have underlying health concerns and one of her children is really struggling at school. There's change that needs to be made and this Mum knows it. The problem is that [...]

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easy skin detoxes

A couple of weeks ago I ate a food from before Paleo. And proceeded to come out in a bumpy rash all over my body. It lasted about 2 weeks and I realised that I need to figure out how to detox my skin fast. [...]

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best ever paleo chocolate mousse

When I was growing up in Johannesburg, South Africa, there was a restaurant chain called Squire's Loft. They served the most amazing chocolate mousse in a wine glass for dessert- it was smooth, rich and creamy and I have never found another chocolate mousse to [...]

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