yummy paleo chocolate granola

There's nothing like chocolate. We can all pretend that there are substitutes like carob, but really who are we fooling? Chocolate is a glory food. We are trialling a couple of foods on my daughter and I have made her super yum activated natural buckwheat [...]

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paleo lemon biscuits

I am on the hunt for a more grownup biscuit recipe. One that does not involve hunks of chocolate that is... and this is it! This is a beautiful recipe. The biscuits (or cookies) are a delicate lemon flavour with an almond undertone. I think if [...]

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best ever essential oil blends

There's nothing better than whipping a roller ball out of your bag to deal with meltdowns, stroppiness and tantrums. Roller balls made of essential oils that WORK! I feel like a cowboy in the Wild West, whipping out my rollerballs...call me "Quick Draw Sam"! Other Mum's [...]

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