raw paleo apricot & cacao slice

    This is one of those deceptive recipes. Doesn't look like much but it's a taste sensation! It's a raw baking recipe which means you are getting the maximum nutrients out of the dish. Raw baking is a simple way to get goodness into you and the [...]

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oils & authenticity

We all have that one Instagram or Facebook account we follow because that life looks so damn perfect. It's almost like poking a sore tooth. It hurts to look but you just can't help yourself. The seemingly perfect clothes, food, home and kids. It's so beautifully curated and that's [...]

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simple tasty chia seed pudding

We all need a healthy snack option we can pull out when "I'm hungry" starts....which for us is pretty much the entire time from when school ends to bedtime. Chia seed puddings answer the call for me. They are packed with goodness and are powerhouses of energy. [...]

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