Are you tired of feeling tired?  Overwhelmed at the pace of life and feel like you are on an endless treadmill?

We often can’t help the pace of life and while we may want to slow things down, as Mums we know there is stuff to get done! We juggle so many balls and keeping them all up in the air while focusing on our own well-being at the same time can be overwhelming…

There is light at the end of the tunnel!

I am a Platinum dōTERRA leader and dōTERRA New Zealand Founder. I have used dōTERRA essential oils for 3 years now and have seen a massive shift in my wellness. I have gone from frazzled to feeling more centered and energised .

My natural wellness toolkit has been the key to me thriving and loving life. I have natural options to reach for to support my health and lift my mood!

Welcome to my corner of the internet, I am so glad you have found me! I’m Samantha from Oiltribe and this is where I empower you to live more naturally.


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